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Where to Buy Cheap Tru Rev MMA Tickets?

If you are looking for cheap Tru Rev MMA tickets, you are in the right place! We offer some of the best-priced Tru Rev MMA tickets online. Take a look at the listings above and see what you find. In our inventory, you will find all types of tickets like Front row, General Admission, Meet & Greet, Upper-Level, Lower-Level, and many other types of Tru Rev MMA tickets. We obtain our tickets from ticket brokers, season ticket holders, fans, corporations, and event promoters... not to mention being tapped into a few of the largest ticket agencies online. We have a smaller markup than the competition, price us out and see what you find. You can Email us at for more help. 

When will I Receive my Tru Rev MMA Tickets?

Tickets DeliveryE-Tix / Electronic Tickets - 99% of the Time Instantly. Sometimes the promoter waits to issue some tickets, this is typically the case with high-end tickets.

Paper Tickets - These are the good ol fashion hard tickets that get pinned on memory boards or stuck in a sock drawer. These can usually ship immediately and can be to you as fast as the shipping you select. 

Will Call Tickets - These tickets you will be able to pick up within 3 hours of the show with your ID. This is very easy to do... except if you show up 10 mins before the show when the lines are at their longest. Sometimes you can pick these up off-site or in front of the venue for easy pickup.

VIP Tickets - Vip Tickets can come from a variety of sources from the Fan Club to Ticketmaster Platnum Seats and more. usually, these are hard tickets, but more and more often these are E-tix. So it is hard to forecast, it really depends on your seats. But hard tickets can usually ship immediately and can be to you as fast as the shipping you select. 

Suite Tickets - These tickets usually come from season ticket holders, sponsors, suite holders,  box holders, skybox holders, and other VIP sources. We see a 70/30 split eTix to hard tix.  These typically come with parking passes and some even include access to the VIP club and in some not too often cases include food and drinks. 

Tru Rev MMA Meet and Greet Tickets - These remarkably rare tickets are a wildcard, sometimes you need to be contacted, sometimes they leave the tickets at will call, whatever it is you will know weeks ahead of time. 

Backstage Tickets - Similar to meet and greets, obtaining these is also unique, it usually has you going to the official box office to get credentials. 

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How to Buy Front Row Tickets to Tru Rev MMA?

When looking for front row Tru Rev MMA tickets there are a few things that you must do. First, you need to see which row the actual front row is, sometimes they move it back a few rows to make way for equipment, cameras, or layout changes... so row 1 might actually be row 4.  Next, we would recommend looking to see if there are Tru Rev MMA VIP packages available on the VIP Packages tab, these packages often include seats in the front 10 rows and parking passes. Finding front row tickets can be very challenging and expensive, consider looking for front row seats on the side instead, or perhaps first-row on the second level.  We find that front row tickets no matter where they are give you lots of room, good views, and a great experience.  

How Do I Receive My Tickets?

Depending on the type of event, there are many options for Tru Rev MMA tickets. On we sell everything from regular tickets, general admission, and nose bleeds, to some of the more premium tickets like Front Row, VIP, Suites, Meet & Greets, and Floor Seats. Depending on the type of ticket and the venue's box office... they might be Electronic Tickets, Paper Tickets, E-Tickets, Will Call Tickets, or Good Ol Fashion Hard Tickets. You will find that the ticket listings are noted with which type of tickets they are. Typically most tickets are electronic tickets and can be emailed, usually, you receive these almost instantly after purchase. Hard Tickets will have to be shipped, but in some cases can be will-called. Will call is when you go to the venue's box office or nearby location and Show your ID to pick up the tickets. 

How early should I arrive to a Tru Rev MMA Event?

We would recommend arriving there 1 hour prior to the start. Some say that might be too early, we beg to differ, here are a few reasons why. The extra time can be a lifesaver if there is an unknown accident on your route. Sometimes there are events outside of a Tru Rev MMA event, that will give you more time to enjoy. Some events are very popular and the lines for team or concert merch, beer, and the bathroom get long, that extra time could be used for that and to get you back into your seats in time for Tru Rev MMA to start. The tailgater in us wants to tell you to go 3 hours early, set up a barbeque, and tailgate with friends... but not all venues allow it (you'd have to look it up). 

100% Ticket Guarantee for All Tru Rev MMA Tickets

Attending an event can do so much good mentally, physically, and emotionally... especially after the last couple of years. We want to make sure that you get maximum goodness with your purchase and help you keep that good vibe. We hope these guarantees below will make this a stress-free purchase. 

  • All Tru Rev MMA Tickets are Guaranteed to be 100% Authentic & Valid Tickets
  • We Guarantee to Have the Tru Rev MMA Tickets Delivered to Your Door In Time for Your Event
  • We Guarantee that your Tru Rev MMA Seats Will be Together
  • We Guarantee that you will get a Full Refund if the Event is Cancelled

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Additional Tru Rev MMA Info

Tru Rev MMA Presale Tickets & Presale Passwords

What are Presale Passwords? Presale passwords or "presale codes" are offered by the music festivals, venue, team, artist, or company putting on an event. Presale passwords will typically give a fan exclusive access to purchase tickets before they go on sale to the general public. Besides early access to buy tickets, the presales typically offer high-value tickets at face value, some of these would include front row, meet and greet, floor seats, VIP events, lower level tickets by the stage, and other select locations. Presale passwords can be extremely helpful for those fans who want to get their hands on tickets as early as possible. Generally, the earlier a fan has access to purchase tickets for an event, the better.

We have come up with some of the most common Presale Passwords for Tru Rev MMA, depending on the presale type, below are some of the most common codes:

American Express Presale Code for Tru Rev MMA

(Note: You Must Use an American Express Card to Pay for These Tickets) 8003272177, 8002973333, or 8778770987 (# on the back of your card)

Citi Presale Password - Tru Rev MMA

546616, 412800, First 6 Digits of your Citi card

Tru Rev MMA Chase Card Member Presale Code

8004933319, 8009359935, 541712, First 6 # on Front,  Customer Support # on Chase Card

Live Nation Presale Passwords - Tru Rev MMA

Laugh, Covert

Types of Presale Passwords

  • Venue Presale Passwords - A venue presale password gets you early access to tickets at a specific place like a concert, sport's event, or theater performance in your area before they go on sale to the general public.
  • Fan Club Presale Passwords - This type of presale password will get you early access to tickets before the general public but ONLY to people that are part of a fan club or special email list. These tend to be harder to get than regular presale passwords and there's less available due to the smaller amount of fans actually in the fan clubs.
  • Artist Presale Passwords - We'll just refer to this as a "personal presale code". These pre-sale passwords were created by some artists, teams or theaters to give out exclusively to their biggest fans or clients. This way they can provide them with early access to tickets before the general public but only let a certain amount in so not everyone gets them and once again, these are usually luck-based.
  • Citi Card Presale Passwords - The Citi Presale Passwords are simply the secret set of numbers that you use to get early access to Citigroup's live events. The events might include concerts, sports games, theater or comedy venues, and performances.
  • Amex Presale Passwords - American Express Presale Passwords are used to get presale tickets for American Express events. The American Express Presale is typically held with Ticketmaster, LiveNation, LN Mobile App, and AXS. 
  • Chase Presale Passwords - The Chase Card Presale password is exactly that, a password that gives cardholders early access to tickets before the general public. While generally not publicized, you can often find the presale passwords listed on your favorite ticketing sites - just look for "Chase Cardmember Presale" or something similar.
  • Live Nation Presale Passwords - A LiveNation presale password is a special code that you can use to buy tickets before the general public. Once the presale begins, you'll be able to buy your tickets before anyone else. Your LiveNation presale password will give you the opportunity to purchase great seats at an affordable price!
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